June 04, 2018

Apart from the many health benefits of yoga; poses, meditation, deep breathing and stretching can also help your mental well-being. Increased body awareness, chronic stress relief and relaxation are some of the benefits you will experience when starting yoga.

5 benefits of yoga for mental health:

1. Improve Concentration - Concentration is one of the keys to success. Yoga creates a harmony between mind and body and helps sharper everything you focus on.

2. Stress Relief - Yoga is recognized by many professionals as a way to relieve stress and its consequence such as depression and anxiety. It works by alleviating the symptoms associated with these disorders - and brings a feeling of well-being.
Yoga activates the body's natural relaxation response rather than relaxation through television. Deep breaths, meditation, or rhythmic exercises can help ease the stress we all have in today's world.

3. Muscle Relaxation - When your muscles are relaxed, your mind can also relax. The gentle stretching exercises can get your mind from focus on pain and anxiety to switch to a relaxed state of mind.

4. Increase Focus - Yoga is recommended by health professionals to help people with attention deficit disorder. These disorders can interfere with children and adults by becoming inattentive and impulsive.
This is in addition to the benefits of self-control and self-awareness yoga exercises such as breathing techniques and anything specifically designed for rest and relaxation.

5. Set the Mind Free - An inner state of mind locked in stress and tension can not be free to explore and enjoy life. Turning to our breathing and focusing on our body and mind are the true elements of yoga.

Meditation is the act of being with oneself with no distraction, remembering or thinking. The ego will gradually disappear and you can get rid of bad habits and behaviors that prevent you from living what life has to offer.
Yoga is often misunderstood as mysterious and only for "gurus" who have time to spend hours meditating and experiencing levitation. But Western scientists and doctors are beginning to discover that yoga can help relieve the modern symptoms of stress and anxiety and mental suffering.